Thursday, 15 September 2016


Today should be a start of master studies week so I'll make sure to get some of those in here as well. Had a MA thesis seminar today, it was nice to see friends after a while but it sure doesn't feel like work is starting. Have to get in the mindset and get some stuff done.
I felt like doing this old thing when I saw someone post something similar

I kind of liked the silhouette of it but I didn't work on it more than my minimum amount, I think it's school work that's messing with me. It needs a lot of work to be satisfying still, like the arm and hand should be a little less stiff and some minor edits that might make all the difference... But mainly the arm is throwing me off a little.
But I didn't use reference and it felt kind of good to tackle such an angle on my own. I'll definitely try to make it more complete even if I don't go for a full on painting with it.
I'm just trying to use more interesting angles and poses. I guess I feel more confident the more I draw, like I could actually slowly start applying the things I've admired about other artists.

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