Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Time for another beautiful day

Why am I so tired all the time, always... It's worse right now than ever before. I need to sacrifice my headache-free life for a while and lessen my caffeine intake. I know it's all cool beanz to stay up and drink a lot of coffee because we're all adults and awesome but it's really tiring, and you're much likelier to burn out if you don't take care of yourself. I've been feeling much less motivated lately and I blame that on the caffeine. Well... too much of it, anyway.
And I forgot to post yesterday. I've been on a quest of watching all the X-Men movies and I watched The Last Stand last night and fell asleep right after, damn! Today my lectures started as well.

Also I was playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (close to finishing it, I'm in the DLC part now), and I had that same canvas open on photoshop and I returned to it like this:
Did the devil take over my PC?
Oddly enough it took just one ctrl shift Z to fix it, guess it was one continuous line, maybe had to do with the controller I was using? It was terrifying, though, I thought I had ruined it at first...
I kind of want to paint Gabriel from Lords of Shadow... Probably one of my favorite parts of the game is the big concept art gallery you can unlock for xp points and I'm constantly putting the points there as I advance, really inspiring stuff there, I wish it would name the artists there too to look up later. Also I'm sitting at 40k points anyway since you're better off spamming basic attacks there than buying fancy combos... shame!

I'll still keep sketching and working on it, but I'll post any advancements tomorrow, I don't want to forget to update again!

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