Friday, 2 September 2016

Anatomy week (day 1) bones (skull)

So it feels a little weird to start a week in the middle of it but I want to get 30 days of 4 different learning weeks done this month, so why the heck not. It's technically already the 2nd but I've made it a point to document my stuff here.

I tried tracing over models' faces to find the parts under the skin and muscles. It's a good practice for the hand to get used to drawing the structure of the skull in different angles.

I whipped up a little skeleton I might as well put my knowledge onto :P

Skulls with noses are super weird

I imagine it's not necessary to know all the names at any point but I had it as an excuse to work on the skull a little longer.
Since I've been waking up lately at 8 am or earlier it's probably a good idea to go to bed. I worked on anatomy around 4 hours longer than I intended. I have to be careful about overdoing it and managing my time a little better.


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