Friday, 2 September 2016

Anatomy week (day 2) - bones II

Today was kind of a chill day. I did work on anatomy today for my minimum amount of time but I didn't quite work on stuff as in-depth as I wanted. I guess there's always tomorrow! I finished my own little skelly

There's still some stuff I need to correct on it, like the ribs and perhaps the length of the arms, I just need some fresh eyes. 
I mostly did a portrait today of a friend of mine

I'm not sure about the chromatic aberration but it doesn't look awful I guess, I just mess around with that kind of stuff when I can get away with it, I usually leave the channels alone, though.

I've reserved more in-depth bone analysis for tomorrow that was supposed to be "dressing" my little skelly in some muscles. Gotta make sure I do enough of both. Muscle weekend! Drawing, though, not actually exercising my own... *sadness*

Good night!


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