Friday, 6 January 2017

Where's Janet?!

Alright so... I'm really bad at posting stuff... If that wasn't obvious enough already. It doesn't mean I haven't done quite anything, I've been keeping a more healthy balance on hobbies vs art and it's been pretty good in terms of just overall happiness.

I've been playing some Grim Dawn too, hope that's not too obvious!

Let me tell you... it was a long process and I'm still not that happy about it. A part of me wants the green-ish background back since it reminds me the Aetherial green color in the game, but the grey grittiness suits the atmosphere as a whole, so... go figure.

I've never been too much of a social media person, in fact I've found it more of a chore than anything to uphold, but I did make a small promise to myself to not let it go. While the art process itself is a lot more important than the last step of posting it somewhere online, I get that there is some value (sometimes a lot of value) to be consistently active in also promoting your stuff.

Additionally to not letting go being active online means friends as well, I've met so many great people last year but I have a bad habit of locking myself into my cave of hobbies and never getting out. A lot of times you need to make the effort, the people are worth keeping around.

Also, being a little less... inquisitive. I'd get riled up on certain issues and people's hypocrisy, which is really everywhere these days, look no further than any local media outlet. I'd get very frustrated for no reason (as in, the anger did nothing but hurt myself). So I've recently begun to let go of things I cannot change and live a more happy life. Obviously, I'm still a rational thinker, but I'm tired of being angry for other people. Time to move on, keep working hard and hope to have something to show for it over time.

This semester is largely crunch time for me in terms of my MA thesis and FINISHING my university education (I still can't believe how fast time flies)!
I'm hoping to make a reasonable divide between my thesis work, art and perhaps some video games too (I can't let go of it entirely, it's my life T_T). It helps I've already written nearly half of it by next week, well almost. I mean considering there's still half a year of time, it's pretty good.

I've started supporting a lot of artists on their gumroads and patreons. If you have someone you appreciate, throw money in their face. Really, additionally for the obvious rewards you essentially give them a virtual pat on the back and say "I value what you're doing". Even just once is enough. The less known the person is the greater the significance, so make someone's day!

Overall I'm damn grateful to be doing what I do and living how I live. I hope everyone has a creative new year!


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