Wednesday, 31 August 2016

2010 part 2 and story time

2010 I sent this to a guy in Finland who is pretty cute. Now we live together. Step aside, Kelis, your milkshake ain't got nothing on my ART.

I had a lip piercing once, kek

What even are proper values? Never heard

The after school art hangouts my teacher arranged were probably some of the best times in high school for me
To clarify the last one, everyone knows that high school and, well, anything before that too pretty much sucks. I was bullied in elementary (surprise surprise) for my appearance and that alone pretty much made me an introvert, so I kept drawing and playing video games on my own, with some friends here and there.

In high school I sort of became known as the "artist", it was pretty much my identity since that was the one thing that was only mine. I still liked being alone, though.

Our art teacher at the time would set up these art chillout kind of gatherings. There weren't a lot of us ever present, sometimes it was just me, but we painted stuff, drew around our school (some teachers who were still out there late would come and talk to me, and turn out to be very cool, I think we forget that humanity when they're trying to cram knowledge into us from in front of the classroom). Sometimes we'd just talk shit and look at other artists' work online. I think he was working on a really cool comic book art mural on the cupboards of the art class. 

Not too long ago, before I left to Finland to study we shared a bus together to Tallinn. He left our school and was moving back to Tallinn soon. I don't think being an art teacher was ever what he really wanted to do. A part of me was sad, the art group picked me up on some sad days, maybe someone needs that, too. But at the same time we all need to do what makes us happy.


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