Wednesday, 31 August 2016

2010- 2015 prepare to scroll

Commission, back then very simple drawings might've taken me 20 hrs..

Finished work, as you could see I very skillfully avoided backgrounds

The car was a little dirty

Commission of our school's principal

I actually diddled with some oils and acrylics back then, I guess it was easier as I wasn't moving all the time

All those great grades I would've had if I had just paid attention in class

Sherlock feels

I did this for my significant other, I don't think I ever finished it...

Edit for more stuff:

I was clearly born with great skill Kappa

One of the pencil sketches I did at my school

I tried to do stuff from my imagination a lot of the times and sometimes using photo references. I guess those were my early "studies" of sort. 

Sometimes I'd copy some video game art as a bit of a "practice" but my mentality towards creating has pretty much changed completely. Back then it was satisfying to replicate the character art of War from Darksiders but nowadays I feel it's asinine. Why not take the character and create something new and amazing instead? I guess I had ideas but not the skill to realize those ideas.
I guess there was *some* benefit in doing that but that's not really how you study successfully.


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