Wednesday, 31 August 2016


(I unfortunately do not have a lot of old stuff left, as I've moved several times and changed laptops a few times, I think I got those off of some old social media site before it bombed)

2009 was a surprising 7 years ago, damn! I started high school around that time. Time goes fast!
Some people for some reason thought I was good at drawing and around that time I started doing commissions for people. I was bad but I think it kept the spark alive. My notebooks from school were probably like a treasure trove of sketches, can't keep everything when moving, though.

I think looking at older work is pretty useful since back then I was so happy when I finished that eye drawing, thought it was the best thing ever, yet nowadays I can't find that same happiness anywhere. Have to get better, always. It's good to remember to be happy about how far you've come and not so much the mountain still left to climb.


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